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Female Waxing 
cruelty free + vegan products 

| bikini wax  $35

  This is the most basic wax. Just the sides of your bikini line are done. Two inches into bikini line and two inches outside of bikini line. 

| extended bikini wax $45

  A higher cut of the bikini wax. This is customizable and will leave hair at the top and labia. Inner buttocks strip is included!

|  brazilian wax   $55

   Waxing sessions need to be maintained every 4-5 weeks for continuous flawless results. Must have three weeks of continuous hair growth for hair to pull properly and have smooth results!

|  Add on bikini mask  $12 

  Choose from: White Tea,Charcoal,Egyptian Rose. Hylauronic Acid + CBD

|  full buttocks   $35

|  half arm   $30

    Fingertips to elbow.​

|  full arm     $40

    Fingertips to top of the shoulders.

|  top half leg   $50

|  bottom half leg    $40

|  full Leg      $85

|  underarms     $25

|  full stomach          $25

100 % organic - sugar + honey + lemon 

| bikini    $35

| high bikini $48

  Same as a regular high bikini but with the use of the sugaring technique. Inner buttocks strip is included.

| sugar brazilian  $60

  Sugaring sessions need to be maintained every 3-4 weeks for continuous flawless results. I give maintenance pricing because I want to reward loyal clients. If it has been longer than 5 weeks since your last session, more hair cycles have started growing in and you are now considered a "new sugar client". Exceptions are made in various cases.

| full buttocks  $35

| underarms   $25

| half arm   $35

| full arm   $45

Facial Waxing + Tinting 

***Please Note: Facial waxing/tinting services are currently unavailable for both of our safety amid the COVID-19 pandemic. These features have been removed from online booking until further notice. Thank you for understanding!

| brow shaping  $25

| lip  $12

| chin   $12

| sideburns   $10

| full face   $45

​  Hair is waxed from forehead, cheeks, sideburns, lip, chin, and just under the jawbone.Does not include eyebrows.

Vegetable based dye used to enhance natural brow + lashes.

| brow tint $25

| brow tint + shaping   $45

| lash tint $25

**Brow tint stays on the skin a minimum of 2-3 days and brow hairs up to one month. Lash tint lasts up to one month and is best suited for blonde or lighter colored lashes.


Mens Waxing 

|  brow wax  $18

|  full chest     $55

|  full Back       $55

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